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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • I confirm that the manuscript has been submitted solely to this journal and is not published, in press or submitted elsewhere.
  • I confirm that I have removed all personal information from the submitted article, including author information in document properties
  • I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Author’s Warranty and Publication Agreement

Author Guidelines

The working language of the journal is English but papers and other contributions can also be published in other languages. We only accept articles submitted through our electronic platform. Please follow the instructions below when preparing your manuscript. Apples- Journal of Applied Language Studies is an open access peer reviewed journal. We do not charge submission fees, page fees, color fees or other fees. 

You can find Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies in the following Abstracting & Indexing databases and full text sources:

Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies is archived in the Jyväskylä University Digital Archive JYX  

Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies has received the label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications , issued by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies adheres to the requirements imposed on the use of the label. Peer reviewed articles that have been published in vol 9 no 2 and after will be marked with the label; however, this does not reflect a change in the peer review policy before vol 9(2).  


Types of submissions

The following types of  peer-reviewed articles will be considered for publication.

  • Research articles (main body of text max 8000 words), which make an original contribution (theoretical and/or empirical) to the field of applied language studies;
  • Review articles (main body of text max 8000 words), which critically reflect a particular research theme or comprehensively discuss the state-of-the-art in a research field of applied language studies.

By submitting an original article to Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies, the author warrants that the article is not simultaneously under review elsewhere and that s/he commits not to send the manuscript for consideration elsewhere while the article is being processed by Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies. During the submission procedure, you will be asked to agree to our terms of Publication Agreement.

The editors will make the decision whether the article will be sent for peer review. All articles will be peer reviewed (double blind peer review) by at least two external reviewers. In order to facilitate a speedy process, we generally allow the authors six weeks  (minor revisions) or twelve weeks (major revisions) for resubmission. The final decision about publication will be made by the editors. For more information about the review process, please see "For reviewers". 

In addition, we also encourage shorter non-peer reviewed submissions, such as

  • Discussion notes (max 2000 words): short contributions on a particular topic; report on ongoing or emerging research; PhD / Viva lectio etc.
  • Book reviews and reviews of teaching material, language tests, policy initiatives, etc (max 2000 words).

Apples – Journal of Applied Language Studies also invites submissions that go beyond traditional academic genres and approach topics that align with our mission in creative ways or novel formats. Here are some examples of authors who have experimented with genres, writing styles, multimodality, etc.:  

  • Sofia E. Chaparro’s Antropoesia: Chaparro, S. (2020). Pero Aquí se Habla Inglés: Latina Immigrant mothers’ experiences of discrimination, resistance, and pride through Antropoesía. TESOL Quarterly, 54(3), 599-628.  
  • Michel Avital, Lars Mathiassen & Ulrike Schultze (2017) Alternative genres in information systems research, European Journal of Information Systems, 26:3, 240-247,  
  • Maria Kuteeva & Taina Saarinen (guest editors): Special issue on Translingual and translocal perspectives on writing. Apples – Journal of Applied Language Studies 16(3),  

We encourage authors to be in touch with the editors-in-chief about such manuscripts. 

The working language of the journal is English. 

All articles should be accompanied by a 250 word abstract in the language of the submission. If you submit in a language other than English, please submit an English abstract as well. Articles in languages other than English will be taken into consideration provided we have qualified reviewers. 

Please note that we require manuscripts to be submitted in Word, RTF or similar format, in one single file, including tables and figures.


Do not include your name or any other contact information in the actual manuscript; that information should only be submitted in the electronic submission procedure. Also remove possible personal information, including recognizable references to your own work and information in document properties from the Word / RTF file. For instructions, see


If applicable, before submissions check that you have permission

  • to reprint copyrighted materials (texts, tests, tables or illustrations), in whole or in part.
  • from individuals within photographs, video clips or other material in which they are visually identifiable.

If your article is accepted, you are expected to submit this/these written permission/s to Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies

Submission instructions

  • include the name of the submission and an abstract (max 250) on top of the single file text submission
  • Do not add your name or any other contact information (name, e-mail, organization) in the submission file 
  • Use a regular font such as Times New Roman for your submissions 
  • Use font size 12 
  • Use 1.5 line spacing 
  • Use 3 cm for all margins
  • Distinguish paragraph by an empty line (no indentation)
  • Page numbering: top right
  • Headings: Use number subheadings (e.g. 1 Introduction; 2.1 Basic terms; 5.2.1 The students’ thoughts about x); avoid 4th level headings

Pictures and tables

Embed all pictures and tables within the submitted  Word / RTF file. If your article is accepted, prepare to  submit figures separately  as individual JPG or PNG files (300 dpi resolution) and tables in Word table format withing text.

  • Write the title of a table (e.g. TABLE 1. Title) above the table, and the title of a diagram or figure (e.g. FIGURE 1. Title) under the diagram.
  • Tables and diagrams should be understandable without reading the actual paper.

Format of submission

We require submissions in Word / RTF format , where pictures, tables etc. are placed within the text. In case your article is accepted, we will ask for a final submission , with figures submitted separately  as individual JPG or PNG files (300 dpi resolution) and tables in Word table format within text.


  • Appendices can be used to give examples of data, analysis etc. However, the number of appendices should be kept to a minimum.


  • Long quotations and examples should be indented by 1 cm from the left margin and separated from the text with empty lines before and after (no quotation marks)

Examples etc. in italics

  • If there are terms in other languages than English (e.g. in parentheses) they should be written in italics.
  • Names of works, magazines etc. (not person names, unless they are the object of analysis) can be written in italics; in this case quotation marks are not necessary.
  • Elements of language (example sentences inside the text, words, suffix, phonemes etc.) should be written in italics.
  • We encourage the use of data examples in original language, but require a translation of examples into the language of the article.

Citations and references


Privacy Statement

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